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CIMC Enric Providing Customers with Tailor-made Green Solutions


Supplied Hong Kong's first hydrogen bus with Type IV on-board hydrogen supply system and delivered batches of Type III on-board hydrogen supply systems

(20 July 2022 – Hong Kong) CIMC Enric Holdings Limited (“CIMC Enric” or “the Company”) together with its subsidiaries (the "Group") (Stock Code: 3899.HK) is pleased to announce that its hydrogen joint ventures with Hexagon Purus, CIMC-Hexagon Hydrogen Energy Development Limited (“CIMC-Hexagon”) recently supplied Hong Kong's first landed hydrogen bus with Type IV on-board hydrogen cylinders and hydrogen supply system, contributing to the opening of a new chapter of green transport in Hong Kong. In the meantime, CIMC Hydrogen Energy Technology Limited (“CIMC Hydrogen”), a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, recently successfully delivered a batch order for Type III on-board hydrogen supply systems for hydrogen logistics vehicles, tailor-made green solutions to help customers more effectively implement their new energy strategies.

Hong Kong's first hydrogen bus with CIMC-Hexagon's Type IV on-board hydrogen supply system for high performance and enhanced safety

Recently, the first double-decker hydrogen fuel cell bus launched by Citybus Limited ("Citybus") has landed in Hong Kong. The bus's Type IV hydrogen cylinders and hydrogen supply system are provided by CIMC-Hexagon, the hydrogen refuelling process takes only 10 to 15 minutes and has a driving range of up to 400 kilometres. The hydrogen bus can cope with Hong Kong's comprising steep road gradients, high passenger loadings and consistent use of air-conditioning systems, offering better performance than electric buses.

In May, CIMC-HEXAGON announced a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with Bravo Transport Services Limited (“Bravo”), the parent company of Citybus, for collaboration to develop more hydrogen fuel-cell double decker buses for trial in Hong Kong. At present, Citybus has been discussing with various government departments on matters including the maintenance and repair of hydrogen buses, the supply of hydrogen and the location of hydrogen refuelling stations, with a view to commencing operation as soon as possible.

CIMC ENRIC is China's leading provider of Type III and Type IV on-board hydrogen cylinders and hydrogen supply systems. As early as 2017, the Company completed R&D on its Type III on-board hydrogen cylinders and worked with major hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers to develop mature Type III on-board hydrogen supply systems for a variety of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The production base for Type IV hydrogen cylinders and hydrogen supply systems is also under construction this year. This will provide safer, lighter and more cost-effective Type III and Type IV on-board hydrogen cylinders and supply systems in both China and Southeast Asia markets.

Batch delivery of Type III on-board hydrogen supply systems, tailor-made to fulfil customer expectations

Since the second half of 2021, a number of batch orders for Type III on-board hydrogen supply systems have been delivered to customers, including hydrogen fuel cell vehicle OEMs and hydrogen fuel reactor manufacturers. The Company recently delivered over one hundred Type III on-board hydrogen supply systems to a customer located in Shanghai. The order for this delivery consists mainly of on-board hydrogen supply systems comprising Type III hydrogen cylinders with 35MPa operational pressure and 210L fuel capacity. Neat in appearance, the system has a high volume-to-weight ratio. Offering safe, consistent and reliable performance, it can be customised to meet the exact needs of customers. To fit vehicle layouts and best use the available space, CIMC Hydrogen considered various factors such as space, strength, testing and installation, and finally provided a satisfactory solution for the customer.

As China's fuel cell vehicle application demonstration city cluster is further implemented and advanced, local districts are increasing their efforts to develop the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. The National Big Data Alliance of New Energy Vehicles recently released its "National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration City Cluster Vehicle Statistics and Analysis Report (April 2022)". As of 30 April 2022, the National Monitoring and Management Platform for New Energy Vehicles has accessed a total of 8,198 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, most of which are buses and special vehicles. During the first half of the year, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), 1,804 fuel cell vehicles were produced and 1,390 were sold in China, representing a year-on-year increase of 1.9 times. Each city cluster has also announced specific targets for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles during the pilot period. Aside from the Henan city cluster, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will roll out 5,300 vehicles, Shanghai 5,000, Guangdong 10,000 and Hebei 7,710.

Mr. Yang Xiaohu, Executive Director and General Manager of CIMC Enric, said, “The hydrogen energy markets in mainland China and Hong Kong are still in the pilot stage and demonstration, which is the golden age of industrial chain layout. The Company will seize this opportunity to provide customers with cost-effective Type III and IV on-board hydrogen supply systems. At the same time, we will actively explore applying hydrogen energy to various fields including energy storage, heating supply and other full-scene pilot projects. The Company is continuously improving its business layout across the whole chain of "production, storage, transportation, refuelling and application". We are working closely with our business partners in the industry to accelerate the technology, scale and commercial applications of the total hydrogen fuel cell supply chain to build a more comprehensive supply chain and mature industry.”