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CIMC Enric’s First Blue Sky Series Low-Carbon Energy Station Rolled off the Production Line


- Power Generation from Exhaust Gas, Advancing into Comprehensive Energy Solution CHP Arena for Higher Energy Efficiency

(@ Jan 2024, Hong Kong) – CIMC Enric Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively, “CIMC Enric” or “Company”) (stock code: 3899.HK) are pleased to announce that its subsidiary, CIMC Enric Energy System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Collectively, “CIMC Enric”), has recently launched its first Blue Sky series low-carbon energy station SL1500 (“SL1500”), to be used in the Ulanqab Ferroalloy Exhaust Gas Power Generation Project. The SL1500, an efficient, energy-saving power generation unit, is designed to harness industrial exhaust for electricity production and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction through combined heat and power (CHP) applications. This significant achievement underscores CIMC Enric’s renewed commitment to fostering the green development of energy and reaching energy-saving and carbon emission reduction goals.


Industrial exhaust gas emissions significantly contribute to the increase of greenhouse gas levels. Traditionally, substantial volumes of dilute low calorific value combustible exhaust gases were released directly into the atmosphere during certain industrial production process due to difficulties in collecting and using them, making it impossible to capture these gases and causing severe environmental pollution. Nowadays, with more stringent environmental regulations and industry equipment standards, the recovery and effective utilisation of combustible exhaust gas has been an urgent demand. China is the largest ferroalloy producer globally with an annual output exceeding 30 million tons in recent years. China generates an estimated 21.8 billion cubic meters of ferroalloy exhaust gas each year. Generating power from such gas, which has a low calorific value and contains hydrogen, demands sophisticated control systems and gas adaptability of the power generation equipment. The SL1500 boasts exceptional adaptability to various gases, demonstrating remarkable competitiveness in utilising industrial combustible dilute exhaust gas and unconventional low calorific value gas for power generation. From low-concentration gas with a concentration as low as 8% to high-hydrogen ferroalloy exhaust gas and ultra-low calorific value blast furnace exhaust gas, the SL1500 can efficiently harness these gases for power generation, “turning them into treasure” and converting them into clean, reliable electricity supply to nearby factories and areas. This capability aligns with the “dual carbon” goals, emphasising reduced energy consumption per unit and curtailing industrial exhaust emissions as one of the major development directions in carbon reduction efforts. With escalating environmental protection demands, the recycling of industrial exhaust for power generation presents broad market prospects.

The SL1500, with a power generation capacity of up to 1,200 kW when utilising ferroalloy exhaust gas as a fuel source, further enhances its energy-saving and emission-reduction impact through CHP applications. By recycling a large amount of waste heat (unit heat dissipation and high-temperature flue gas) produced during power generation, the SL1500 accomplishes both electricity generation and heating, showcasing tiered energy utilisation and delivering superior CHP solutions to clients. The solutions featuring multi-gas source power generation and CHP can not only decrease customers’ reliance on traditional energy sources to save energy costs significantly but also achieve high comprehensive energy utilisation efficiency, leading to carbon emission reduction through tri-generation (combined cooling, heating, and power) and quad-generation (combined cooling, heating, power, and carbon). The energy system solution provided by a single SL1500 can reduce carbon emissions by up to 8,048 tons annually.

It is worth mentioning that the modular design philosophy of the SL1500 ensures higher integration, reduced footprint, and enhanced layout flexibility. Coupled with the unit’s high-speed operation, the machine boasts an 8,000-hour maintenance cycle and a 60,000-hour major overhaul cycle, making it a leader in the industry.

The SL1500 flourishes in many application scenarios, leveraging its unique features and strengths. In industrial energy savings, it can facilitate energy supply for data centres, industrial enterprises and industrial parks; in building energy conservation, it can serve as a regional energy hub, providing tri-generation of cooling, heating, and power for hospitals, commercial complexes, and five-star hotels; in agricultural energy saving, it can offer quad-generation services for glass greenhouses, encompassing cooling, heating, electricity, and carbon.


The Ulanqab Ferroalloy Exhaust Gas Power Generation Project, expected to generate 859 million kWh annually, is set to procure 45 units of SL1500 from CIMC Enric and the total carbon reduction is expected to be up to 39.66 thousand tons annually after the completion of the project. The cutting-edge power generation equipment is anticipated to lower overall energy operational costs for Ulanqab and ensure a 20% carbon reduction rate. This project is set to enhance the local energy mix, mitigate environmental pollution, and increase energy efficiency, thereby contributing positively to the region’s sustainable development. Ferroalloys are crucial for the steel industry, and Ulanqab is recognised as the largest ferroalloy industrial cluster in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the largest ferroalloy production prefecture-level city in the country. With the tightening of national policies, the urgency of energy conservation and environmental protection is clear. Following national environmental policies, transforming submerged arc furnaces to a sealed design for exhaust gas collection will further drive the deployment and layout of industrial exhaust gas power generation projects in the locality. Consequently, sales of CIMC Enric’s SL series equipment will continue to benefit from it.

Mr. Fang Jianping, Vice President of CIMC Enric, said, “The successful launch of CIMC Enric’s inaugural Blue Sky series low-carbon energy station signifies a new strategic move in the Company’s comprehensive energy solutions to industrial energy saving. This significant milestone opens up new development opportunities in the context of the ‘dual carbon’ goals. Power generation from industrial exhaust gas can increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption costs, lessen environmental pollution, and lead to cost savings and efficiency gains. It aligns with the global and national trends of energy transformation, contributes to enhancing the economic benefits for enterprises, and provides robust support for transforming and upgrading the regional energy infrastructure. Looking ahead, CIMC Enric will persist in its commitment to the R&D and innovation of low-carbon energy technologies, aiding in the high-quality development of green electricity.”

About CIMC Enric Energy System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

CIMC Enric Energy System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CIMC Enric Holdings Limited specialising in low-carbon integrated energy core equipment and system solutions. Facing the fields of low-carbon integrated energy services and renewable energy, it focuses on developing key modular intelligent low-carbon energy station products, such as the SL Blue Sky series and AM Amethyst series, and provides customers with zero-carbon, safe and intelligent integrated energy system solutions with the support of the CIMC EQC digital intelligence energy system platform. It strives to achieve common social and commercial value with ecological partners through the organic combination of “products, technologies, services, corporation”.