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CIMC Enric is a global leader in the niche market of the small and medium-sized liquefied gas carriers with the largest global market share, and its product chain covers fully-pressurized and semi-refrigerated/semi-pressurized carriers for various liquefied gases such as LPG, ethane, LEG and LNG, as well as LNG bunkering vessels.

Upstream: Energy Exploitation and Processing

The company is the first qualified offshore engineering equipment supplier which has been approved and certified by Total, an oil giant in the world. It has successfully delivered more than 20 modules, including regasification module, FPSO upper module, VOC module, electrical module and deck house. Among them, the market share of LNG regasification module ranks top in the global market.
  • LNG Regasification Module

    LNG Regasification Module

  • TOTAL Moho Nord (MHN) Module

    TOTAL Moho Nord (MHN) Module

Midstream: Storage and Transportation

The company holds Marine Product Certificate recognized by a number of classification societies around the world, providing customers with liquid gas carriers for LPG, ethane, LEG and LNG.
  • LEG Carriers

    LEG Carriers

  • LNG Carriers

    LNG Carriers

Downstream: Application

The company provides customers with integrated oil-to-gas transformation solutions of vessels as well as equipment and system transformation of marine LNG fuel tank, LNG bunkering vessel, LNG bunkering system for inland rivers, marine tail gas scrubber, etc.
  • On-board LNG Fuel Tanks

    On-board LNG Fuel Tanks

  • On-board LPG Storage Tanks

    On-board LPG Storage Tanks

  • On-board Fuel Tanks

    On-board Fuel Tanks

  • LNG Bunkering System

    LNG Bunkering System